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Ronfell specialise in SMD and LED energy saving lighting. Our range of products include T8 fluorescent tube replacements, ceiling grill lights, emergency lighting, highbays, floodlighting & streetlighting.
These products typically use 66% less energy than their traditional incandescent predecessors, enabling businesses and individuals to save money on their energy bills and maintenance costs. Our products are suitable for use in the home, offices, factories and institutions such as schools and hospitals.

festoon lighting
Festoon Lighting manufactured by Ronfell can be supplied in a range of high quality LED decorative lighting systems, festoon lighting strings, festive lights, SMD cross street displays, tree lights, LED light curtains and shapes. As well as carrying a range of standard lengths of Festoon Lighting we specialise in bespoke work, designing Festoon Lighting systems to your exact requirements.

shatterproof lighting
Shatterproof lamps and shatterproof lighting are used in the food industry for fluorescent safety reasons to prevent broken glass or foreign bodies getting into food which is especially dangerous to the public. Ronfell provide a range of shatterproof lighting to IK7 standard suitable for use in the food supply industry, including shrink wrapped tubes and polycarbonate sleeved tubes.

airfield lighting
Ronfell have a long history of supplying airfield lighting to military, civilian and charitable organisations.
Ronfell specialise in in Solar Powered LED products from some of the worlds leading manufacturers such as Avlite and Carmanah, which are suitable for permanent or temporary installations. The use of solar energy reduces running and installation costs.
These products are also ideal for crane and tower lighting.

festoon lighting

festoon lighting

festoon lighting


lighting connector

SMD floodlight

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